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We have a few superfluous pieces of equipment at my shop that we've decided were collecting too much dust and taking up too much space, and we'd like to sell them off fairly quickly. Therefore, best reasonable price gets them! I was going to separate these postings, and perhaps I still will, but for the sake of getting things moving I'm grouping them altogether for now. Take 1, take 2, or take all!

-LEDCO 42" Commercial Laminator
-ALLEN Mod#848 Vinyl Plotter
-HP DesignJet5000[PS]-60"; 'Adobe PostScript 3' 'Pantone Digital Color'
*Comes with software, manuals, ink tube storage system, etc. *
-SAFETY SPEED CUT #STS-24 18 X 24 (30?) Table Mountable Safety Saw, with
-PORTER & CABLE #314, HD 4. 5" Trim Saw, 120v AC-DC 4. 5A 4500RPM
-IDEAL 1" Stencil Cutter #34533 - Multi-Line, Auto Return (Typewriter Style) *ANTIQUE
-MARSH. 5" Stencil Cutter #H (20572) - 6-Ln Manual Return *ANTIQUE

The two stencil cutters are awesome, but I'm sure we'd be looking for a collector to buy them, as they are so old and outdated but marvelous antiques, esp. the Marsh

If you have any questions or want some better photos feel free to let me know!

Thank you for reading!


Best Fair Offer

Published on

Sep 29, 2015

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